Meet Lisa

I’m Lisa Gratton, the photographer, voice, artist and inspiration behind Ophelia Photography.

Welcome to my website and thank you for finding my work. If you’ve been looking for a photographer, I’m sure one of your biggest question is:

Who am I?
What makes me different?
Why do I do what I do?

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Let’s start with the easy one: who am I?

I’m a successful young (always at ) business owner who is a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend, artist, cat Mom, and lover of coffee + tea, wine, music, painting, and beauty.

It is the sound of birds chirping, cherry blossom season (despite the allergies) kind strangers, deep conversations, toes in the sand, travelling, art, architecture, my husband's hugs, and my niece telling me about her big dreams.  Those things make me most happy.

What makes me different?

I’m a photographer and have been for almost a decade. It’s what I do, it’s my only job, and I love being a business owner. I'm also an artist, anthropologist, and a counsellor of sorts. I’ve had the great privilege of being invited into people’s lives to document the memories, celebrations, heartbreak and complete bliss on their special day and follow all those emotions throughout the day to capture the spirit of your event. Anyone can take pretty photos but my vision is to paint a story and bring it to life through photos that will hopefully last a lifetime.

I am someone who will celebrate the wins, pick you up when you’re down, laugh at your jokes, cry with you when you’re frustrated, and honestly be there as a guiding force to help you navigate your wedding or any celebration you may be having.

My work is influenced by you. I want to get to know you, what your passionate about , ideas or places that bring you pure happiness and the people with whom you share your life.

The big one...why do I do what I do?

What’s most important to me is being happy. The eternal never ending search for joy drives me and my work.  I’m a memory preserver and I feel like I have this amazing power to stop time...just for a moment...capturing a look, a feeling, a touch that will bring all the emotions rushing back in 10,20, 50 years from now. I’m pretty sure I have a cool superpower if you think about it! 

So, if you are excited about your day, if you feel like you’re bursting with ideas, and you want one of the best idea catchers in the world, call me and I’ll pick you up on my unicorn of love.