Maui Creative Shoot || Hawaii

This birthplace of my creativity lies in within bringing my conciseness into reality. When I saw this remote location in Maui, that highlights the lush mountains and lava from a volcanic eruption meeting the sea, it was my objective to create something. I discovered my model Victoria, who is Hawaiian on Instagram. We met on a blind-date at Sunrise and together we created art in an uncommon and stunning location. Most of the lava field area is sacred ground to the Hawaiians so we stayed on the paths in order to respect the ground. What an incredible hour, basked in the morning light with a new friend.

The abilty to form connections with people is something I truly love.  I also enjoy the challenge of making a making art in the form of a photograph from the creativity that lives in my mind.  I see this in the weddings I photograph and set intentions in my life and work to foster this process.   How do you honour your creativity?  Please share your comments below, I would love to hear from you,  xoxo Lisa

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