The Evolution of Ophelia Photography…


Over half a million wedding photos, three continents, and hundreds of amazing couples, we wanted to say two words – Thank You.

Thank you for letting us share in your special day. Thank you for allowing us to bring your vision to life. Thank you for all your support over the years.

We’ve spent countless Saturdays over the last seven years with amazing couples.  From Paris to New York, the Caribbean to Montreal, we’ve worked extremely hard to deliver the very best photos for you to remember how beautiful you looked, how happy you were, and how amazing your wedding was for years to come.

We decided to sit back and take stock on where we came from, where we are today, and where we are going tomorrow. There has always been the team of Lisa, Mike, and Matt on any given Saturday and all of our amazing couples have made us feel a part of their family while we worked hard to deliver their photos.

After shooting all these weddings, we came to a few conclusions:

1.     We wanted to expand our services to include funny stories, tips, and hints on how to get prepared for your wedding

2.     We wanted to re-brand to include Mike & Matt as grooms are becoming more involved with the planning and preparation of a wedding.

3.     We wanted to create a signature logo that represented “UNIQUE” as a key word. It reflects every wedding we’ve shot, as they are all unique and special.

We started with a company named OPHELIA PHOTOGRAPHY in 2008 and our mission was to capture amazing wedding photos and create works of art for you to enjoy.

In 2014, our mission is still the same and along with those pieces of art are amazing stories, tips, and tricks of our experiences over the past seven years.

We hope you enjoy our new vision, our site, and our blog.

We also LOVE our new logo made by the talented Phoebe from “Love by Phoebe” as it represents to us and our brand moving forward.  The zebra is a symbol of balance, agility, clarity without filters, and sureness of path.  We believe everyone we photograph is unique, just as a Zebra’s stripes are never alike.  The black and white blending and balancing mimics any two pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly together as one.  The zebra is highly social and will continue to work as a family for years to come.  Finally, we love animals and believe there is power in their presence and wanted an animal as part of our symbol and logo going forward.

Thank you again for all your love and support throughout the years….it means everything to us.

Tell your friends, share online and enjoy.  We can’t wait for the 2014 wedding season to begin.

Lisa, Mike, & Matt

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